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The UNE and CECU join forces to inform society of the importance of standardization


  • The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, and the Confederation of Consumers and Users, CECU, sign a partnership agreement to raise consumer awareness of the benefits and importance of standards.

Madrid, 15 July 2022 - The Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, and the Confederation of Consumers and Users, CECU, have signed a partnership agreement that will see them join forces to inform consumers and users of the benefits of standards, and to raise society's awareness of the importance of complying with them. The agreement was signed by Fernando Móner, president of CECU, and Javier García, CEO of UNE.

Through this alliance, the two organizations seek to lay the foundations for a lasting collaboration through which to engage in activities aimed at promoting consumer education and information, and to inform them of the importance of standardization in their lives.

Technical standards provide safety and protection for consumers and users by avoiding risks. They are present in the manufacture of products we use every day, and yet they are unknown to a good part of the public.  

This agreement is also included in one of the pillars of the UNE 2025 Strategy, that of bringing the Association closer to society, and especially to young people, so as to create opportunities for dialogue that will serve the interests of society and contribute to building a safer and more competitive world. For CECU, product safety is one of the strategic lines of action approved at its general meeting, an area in which it has been working for years.  

In the lead-up to this agreement, the UNE helped to organize an event at the GSD Vallecas School (Madrid), where over 200 students were shown how the purchase of counterfeit products poses a risk to the economy, and to the health and rights of consumers. This event was part of the activities of a project that CECU is running called 'Just Original', financed by the European Union's Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and in which other European consumer organizations are also taking part. According to EUIPO data: counterfeit goods cost governments across the European Union approximately 15 million euros a year. Counterfeit products are usually manufactured without regard for any standards.

With this agreement, the CECU and UNE hope to help consumers ensure that their purchases are rational and responsible, by giving them the training and information they need to choose products appropriately.