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UNE, honorary member of AFEC

UNE, honorary member of AFEC


  • In acknowledgement of UNE's work and as a gesture of AFEC's commitment with the Spanish Association for Standardization and the development of standards.
  • Standards are key for improving the competitiveness of air conditioning industry business and the quality and safety of their products. The Technical Standardisation Committee 100, with AFEC hosting the secretariat, has created approximately 450 standards.

19 November 2018. The Association of Manufacturers of HVAC Equipment (AFEC) has made the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE) an honorary member in acknowledgement of its work and as a gesture of the commitment of AFEC to the Spanish Association for Standardization and its support of the development of technical standards.

With this acknowledgement, AFEC also hopes to further promote the participation of partner companies in developing standards, which is key to improving competitiveness and for product quality and safety.

AFEC is strongly committed to UNE's standardisation activity, having been a corporate member of the Entity since is beginnings. It has been a member of its Board of Management since 2002.

It has also been secretary of the CTN 100 Technical Standardisation Committee for Air Conditioning Equipment the GT19 working group for Best practices in heat pump equipment. Since its beginnings, the CT 100 has created close to 450 standards.

AFEC is also a member of other Technical Standardisation Committees, dealing with standards for projects, indoor environmental quality, evaluation of dangerous substances in building products, environmental standardisation for electrical and electronic products and systems, domestic appliances and classification of energy service providers.

The objectives of AFEC are to represent, manage and defend the professional interests of the air conditioning sector through cooperation between the industry's employers, promotion of technological research and know-how, and exporting of its products and services, inter alia.

The honorary membership ceremony was attended by Pilar Budí, General Director of AFEC; Luis Mena, Chairman of AFEC; Carlos Esteban, Chairman of UNE; and Javier García, Chief Executive Officer of UNE.