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UNE provides free access to its standards for the manufacture of materials for protection against the coronavirus


  • ​UNE is offering a package of numerous essential standards that describe the required processes for the manufacture of medical supplies for the fight against coronavirus. These documents describe the essential processes for manufacturing personal protective equipment, such as masks, surgical robes and sheets, gloves and other protective clothing.
  • The aim is to ensure the safe, high-quality and speedy manufacture of these materials, and to ensure their prompt availability. Hundreds of companies are joining this effort; some companies already offer this type of material in their usual catalogue, but for other companies, it requires the manufacture of new materials.   

20 March 2020. The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has taken the initiative to offer, free of charge, numerous technical standards setting forth the manufacturing processes for protective equipment for use by healthcare providers, such as clothing, masks and gloves. The aim is to facilitate their manufacture in the best conditions in order to deal with the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19. These documents are available online at this link.

Technical standards are documents that reflect the consensus of experts on best practices in a specific matter. They provide safety and speed for key processes.

With the free availability of this set of standards, companies that manufacture these materials will have free online access to the standards to be met in the manufacture of basic medical and healthcare products, such as self-filtering masks (UNE-EN 149:2001+A1),(UNE-EN 1827:1999+A1:2010) medical gloves (UNE EN 455 set of standards) and protective clothing against liquid chemical products (UNE-EN 14605:2005+A1).

The Spanish standardisation body has taken this initiative to help protect the lives of healthcare providers and their patients and in the extraordinary and exceptional framework regulated by the Royal Decree declaring the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by the COVID-19.

This measure is consistent with the general action of UNE, as a company that strives for the well-being of Spanish society and its sectors of activity, creating trust and confidence through the development of standards.

At the following link you can access the UNE standards under this initiative. The free standards offered include the following, grouped by areas:  


Medical Supplies: