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UNE-ISO 37301 standard.

Publication of the UNE-ISO 37301 Standard, the first certifiable global compliance standard.


  • Establece los requisitos para implantar un sistema de gestión de compliance transversal en organizaciones de todos los sectores y tamaños, siendo certificable. Es la referencial mundial en compliance y ha sido aprobada por cerca de 60 países del mundo, entre ellos España.
  • Due to its great impact on the global market, this standard has an official ISO version in Spanish, which 12 Spanish-speaking countries have helped develop through a working group chaired by Spain.
  • La norma UNE-ISO 37301 ayuda a las organizaciones an establecer una sólida cultura de integridad y cumplimiento, contribuyendo a su éxito y sostenibilidad. El estándar facilita la consecución del ODS 16 Paz, justicia e instituciones sólidas de la Agenda 2030 de Naciones Unidas.

1 June 2021. The Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE, standard published: UNE-ISO 37301 Sistemas de gestión de compliance. Requisitos con orientación para su uso. ISO 37301, which was recently published, is the world's first certifiable and comprehensive compliance standard, and its official Spanish-language version has now been incorporated into the national catalogue of standards as UNE-ISO 37301.

UNE-ISO 37301 establishes requirements and provides guidance for the implementation of a comprehensive compliance management system in organisations of all sectors and sizes, enabling their effectiveness to be demonstrated through measurable requirements.

La primera norma internacional en materia de compliance, la ISO 19600 Sistemas de gestión de compliance. Guidelines published in 2014 and adopted into the Spanish catalogue as UNE-ISO 19600 provided recommendations. Several years after its publication, and responding to the needs of the market, it has been replaced by ISO 37301, which goes a step further by establishing requirements. This allows organisations to demonstrate to their stakeholders their commitment to compliance and their ability to minimise compliance risks through independent third party certification.

Among the new features, the UNE-ISO 37301 Standard offers an updated and more mature vision of compliance, defining responsibilities more clearly. It promotes whistleblowing channels as a fundamental tool for oversight and the creation of a compliance culture, and includes the conduct of individuals as an element in the analysis of compliance risks.

The ISO 37301 standard, developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), has been approved by nearly 60 member countries of the international committee ISO/TC 309 Governance of organisations, including Spain. Our country participates actively through the technical standardisation bodies CTN/165 SC 1 Governance and Whistleblowing Channels, and CTN/165 SC 3 Compliance Management Systems and Anti-Corruption Management Systems, of which UNE is currently the secretary.

Adaptation to the Spanish environment

Due to its great impact on the market, the ISO 37301 standard has an official ISO version in Spanish, which 12 Spanish-speaking countries have helped develop through a working group chaired by Spain. The ISO/TC 309 STTF Spanish Translation Task Force. The official Spanish version of the standard has been adopted as UNE-ISO 37301.

UNE-ISO 37301 complements other standards that address specific areas of compliance, such as the UNE-ISO 37001 Standard for the prevention of bribery, UNE 19601 for criminal compliance and UNE 19602 for tax compliance.

The UNE-ISO 37301 standard helps organisations establish a strong culture of integrity and compliance, contributing to their success and sustainability. In addition, the standard facilitates the achievement of the United Nations 2030 Agenda through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thus, UNE-ISO 37301 helps to achieve SDG 16 Peace, justice and strong institutions, contributing significantly to its targets:

  • The substantial reduction of corruption and bribery in all its forms (Target 16.5)
  • Building effective, transparent and accountable institutions at all levels (Target 16.6)

Work is also currently underway on two future standards on compliance and governance:

  • UNE - ISO 37002 Sistemas de gestión de los canales de denuncia. Directrices, que constituirá una herramienta clave para cualquier sistema de gestión de compliance. This new standard will provide a guide for organisations to establish a complaint channel management system based on the principles of trust, impartiality and protection.
  • UNE - ISO 37000 Gobernanza de las organizaciones. This document provides guidance for the governance of organisations, offering key principles, relevant practices and a framework to guide governance bodies on how to fulfil their responsibilities so that they can achieve their purpose.