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UNETUR is born to consolidate Spain as the leader in quality tourism


  • The aim of this initiative is to be a national reference in tourism seals and standards by developing a comprehensive quality and competitiveness model.

4 March 2019 The Secretary of State for Tourism has taken the UNETUR (interinstitutional Coordination Committee for tourism standards and seals) initiative forward, the objective of which is to develop a comprehensive model for tourism quality and competitiveness in Spain.

The aim of this project is to contribute to our country's leading position in tourism via standardisation and by applying diagnostics and handbooks on good practices.

The initiative has been promoted by the Secretary of State for Tourism together with SEGITTUR, the ICTE (Spanish Tourism Quality Institute), the ITH (Hotel Technological Institute) and UNE (Spanish Association for Standardisation). 

Among other objectives and actions, UNETUR intends to carry out the following:

  • Coordinate the relevant institutions, identifying all agents that can contribute to this project, which is a national reference in terms of tourism quality and competitiveness seals and standards.
  • Support the 2030 Tourism Strategy, identifying any possible actions that can contribute to its implementation.
  • Added value and international leadership, exporting the systems approach to Smart Tourism solutions and the model of quality and competitiveness of the Spanish tourism industry.

  • Share knowledge and identify needs in terms of standardisation, encouraging synergies between the different entities.
  • Promote the Q Mark and its recognition via dissemination, awareness-raising and diffusion actions.