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Winners of the UNE Standardisation Awards 2022 named


  • ​​During the annual session of presidents and secretaries of UNE Committees, the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has presented its awards in recognition of the contribution of individuals and organisations to standardisation at the headquarters of CONAIF.
  • The UNE Awards for President, Technical Committee and Board Members went to Nieves Peinado, OFICEMEN and JTSC BEYOND IT SECURITY (José Francisco Ruiz, Javier Jesús Tallón and José Manuel Pulido), respectively. The Award for the Integration of Standardisation in Innovation went to Julián Gallego.

Madrid, 17 November 2022. The Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE, awarded its UNE Standardisation Awards 2022 this morning. These awards recognise the commitment and professionalism of the Standardisation Committees and the people who make them up. The presentation was held during the annual meeting of UNE Committee Chairmen and Secretaries at the headquarters of CONAIF and had more than XX attendees.

Through these awards, the Spanish standards body highlights the work of more than 6,000 organisations and more than 13,000 experts, who actively participate in the development of technical standards within one of UNE's 234 Technical Standardisation Committees. The Committees aim to promote resilience, sustainability and security among Spanish business and to contribute to social progress.

The UNE Awards recognising the work and involvement of individuals and organisations in the four areas of presidency, leadership, innovation and the most outstanding committee. The winners were:  

  • López Agüí Award to the most outstanding CTN-UNE: CTN-UNE 80 Cements and limes, a committee overseen by OFICEMEN (Spanish Cement Manufacturers' Association). The award was presented to its secretary, Miguel Ángel San Juan, in recognition of the positive impact of the CTN-UNE's activities on organisations in the sector, as well as its dynamic capacity and professionalism in complying with the procedures established in the standardisation system.
  • UNE Award for the most outstanding chair of a CTN-UNE or SC-UNE: Nieves Peinado, chair of CTN-UNE 41/SC7 Accessibility in building and urban planning. The prize was awarded in recognition of her role as a driving force in promoting this technical standardisation body.
  • UNE Award for the Most Outstanding CTN-UNE Member: José Francisco Ruiz, Javier Jesús Tallón and José Manuel Pulido, from the company JTSEC BEYOND IT SECURITY, for their membership of CTN-UNE 320 Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection. The award was given in recognition of their outstanding interest and involvement in the work of the CTN-UNE 320, and for their commitment to representation in the corresponding European and international standardisation bodies.
  • UNE Award for Integration of Standardisation in Innovation. Ha recaído en Julián Gallego, ofALTER Technology TÜV Nord, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to implementing and promoting the integration of standardisation in R&D&I activities.

The UNE Awards contribute to disseminating the multi-sectoral collaborative environment that UNE represents, strengthening the associative model as an effective response to the needs of Spanish companies and public administrations.

The annual session of presidents and secretaries of UNE CTNs was attended by UNE's president Carlos Esteban, its general director Javier García, its director of Standardisation Programmes and Interest Groups Paloma García, and others.