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New video from the Market Surveillance Observatory: APPLiA España



Alfredo Berges entrevista an Isabel Lina​res (UNE)

Entrevista a Nelson Castro (Ministerio de Consumo)


Entrevista a José A. Delgado (MINCOTUR)


Entrevista a Jorge Iñesta (CAM)


Ent​revista a Pilar Espina (ADELMA)


Entrevista an Alberto Zapatero (APPLIA ESPAÑA)

Entrevista a Manuel Carrillo (AIDIMME)

UNE has posted a new video as part of its communication campaign on the Market Surveillance Observatory (OVM). En este séptimo episodio, Alfredo Berges, presidente del OVM y vicepresidente de UNE, entrevista a Manuel Carrillo, director de la Unidad Técnica de AIDIMME en Madrid, sobre la aportación del Observatorio en su ámbito de trabajo y los beneficios de la colaboración público-privada para la sociedad.

This campaign kicked off last 1 June with a video in which Alfredo Berges, president of the OVM and vice president of UNE, together with Isabel Linares, head of Industry and Equipment Business at UNE, explained the association's contribution to market surveillance and how this entity is a successful model of public-private collaboration.

In this second video, Berges interviewed Nelson Castro, advisor to the Directorate General for Consumer Affairs of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, who explained how the observatory contributes to his field and the core aspects of market surveillance for consumer authorities.

In the third video, the interviewee was José Antonio Delgado, head of the Industrial Safety Department of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, which analysed the importance of compliance with standards in the inspection tasks carried out by MINCOTUR and how the Market Watch Observatory contributes to these activities.

In the fourth episode, the interview was with Jorge Iñesta, deputy director general of Industry and Inspection of the Community of Madrid, who explains how they monitor the market, especially for industrial products, in the region and the importance of complying with technical standards.

La quinta entrega consistió en una entrevista a Pilar Espina, directora general de ADELMA, sobre la importancia de la normalización y de la vigilancia de mercado en un sector heterogéneo como es el de los detergentes, biocidas, productos de limpieza, etc.

En el sexto vídeo se entrevistó an Alberto Zapatero, director general de APPLIA España, sobre la aportación del Observatorio en su ámbito de trabajo y el valor añadido de la colaboración público-privada en cuestiones de control de mercado.  

The campaign aims to raise society's awareness of the importance of complying with technical standards and legislation to avoid the marketing of unsafe products and services, which can gravely harm the economy and consumers.

Through various videos, experts from government agencies, market supervisory authorities and relevant Spanish associations, UNE members, will share their point of view on the importance of proper market surveillance.

The OVM is formed of more than 30 business organisations and the Ministries of Consumer Affairs, Industry, Trade and Tourism, and Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. ​