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UNE-SEOPAN-CEDEX Information Day: Structural Eurocodes


The Seminar: on Structural Eurocodes, organized by the Spanish Association for Standardization (UNE), the Association of Construction and Infrastructure Concessionaires (SEOPAN) and the Centre for Public Works Studies and Experimentation (CEDEX).

During the event, leading professionals from the UNE Committee on Structural Eurocodes (CTN 140) analysed the new Eurocodes and discussed the upcoming preparation of the national annexes, which, by defining the Nationally Determined Parameters, provide an essential tool for the proper application of these European standards in Spain.

The Eurocodes, consisting of a series of ten EN 1990-EN 1999 standards, which include a total of 58 documents, have been a first major step in the harmonization of structural design and calculation rules in building and civil engineering in Europe. They offer a uniform and coherent framework for the design of structures of different materials, geotechnics, earthquakes, accidental loads, and their implementation has constituted a major challenge that European countries have overcome in this field. After this initial phase, the drafting of the second generation of Eurocodes is now well under way, which will replace and improve upon the existing standards.

Technical standards aid government agencies in the effective deployment of public policies and in the development of laws, and they facilitate compliance by companies.