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UNE information Day on Laboratory design


Recientemente, se ha celebrado la Jornada informativa UNE Diseño de laboratorios. Durante la sesión, el organismo español de normalización dio a conocer la actividad del Comité Internacional ISO de Diseño de laboratorios, recientemente creado como ISO/TC 336. The scope of this committee includes the choice of location and the design of the laboratory space, including the integration of services in a way that considers the usability, safety, energy efficiency and environmental aspects as a whole.

The purpose of the session is to determine the interest in monitoring this international committee at the national level. UNE, the Spanish member of the ISO, channels the stance and influence of Spanish interests in global standards, which are key to the competitiveness of our sectors.

This space provides access to a summary of the information day, with the following content; the presentations; the draft Business Plan of the ISO committee and the member form, for interested entities, which must be completed and signed before 15 July.