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Chairpersons and Secretaries

UNE Annual Meeting: CTN Chairpersons and Secretaries


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has held its traditional annual meeting of Chairpersons and Secretaries of Technical Standardization Committees (CTN). At the event, the Entity presented its 2021 UNE Awards, which recognize the outstanding contribution of individuals and organizations to standardization.

A large number of CTN Chairpersons and Secretaries took part in the session. These events strengthen the multi-sectorial collaborative environment represented by UNE, strengthening the associative model as an effective guarantee of response to the needs of Spanish companies and public administrations.

At the event, which was inaugurated by the CEO of UNE, Javier García, the UNE 2025 Strategy was presented, which is based on three strategic objectives: to provide solutions to the challenges facing society, to carry out the digital transformation of the entity, and to be recognised as an exemplary organisation in Spanish society and business.

Presentations were also made of the proposals of the working groups that are working on activities for implementing the 2025 Strategy in key areas for the competitiveness of organizations, such as ecological transition or digital transformation, among others.

Discussions were also held about the possibilities offered by new working practices that combine face-to-face and online activities.

During the event, the winners of the UNE 2021 Awards were announced, which went, respectively, to:

  • UNE Award for the most outstanding Technical Standardization Committee (CTN): CTN 53 "Plastics and rubber," the Secretariat of which manages ANAIP (Spanish Association of Plastics Industries), for the positive impact of the committee's activities on industry organizations, the visibility activities and dissemination of standards led by the Committee, as well as the professionalism, rigour and performance of the Secretariat in the undertaking of its functions. The award was presented to Sandra Correal, Secretary of CTN 53.
  • UNE Award for the most outstanding Presidency: Javier Ruiz, President of CTN 108 "Physical and electronic security. Protection and alarm systems", for his actions in driving the activities of this CTN, as well as for his versatility and commitment to this technical standardisation body.
  • UNE Award for the Most Outstanding Member: Pilar Cáceres, from the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work, for her membership of the CTN 81 "Safety and Health at Work". Her participation, professionalism, commitment and thoroughness in the development groups of the UNE Specifications for masks in 2020, as well as in all the information work we had to coordinate in relation to the Personal Protective Equipment standards during the toughest period of COVID-19, and subsequently in the European groups, have been indispensable.
  • UNE Award for the Integration of Standardization and Innovation in 2021:for CONTACTICA, represented by its Managing Director, Manuel Román, for its significant contribution in this field. CONTACTICA has identified standardization as a factor of excellence in its European R&D&i project proposals in Horizon 2020, and includes specific activities in a large number of them. This is an important driving force for promoting the integration of standardization into innovation projects through practice, raising interest about this integration with other participants.