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A new standard has now been published, a benchmark for the inspection of playground areas


Hemos celebrado el Encuentro UNE UNE 172020 para la inspección de las áreas de juego infantil, en el que se ha presentado la nueva UNE 172020, que establece los requisitos para la inspección de las áreas de juego infantil por parte de las entidades de inspección.

This benchmark standard for this type of inspection is of crucial importance for the safety of children, users of the playgrounds, as well as for the various agents responsible for their management, such as Public Administrations and private managers.

The standard sets forth the requirements for a robust and reliable inspection process, thus permitting an assessment of the safety of playground areas in their pre-opening phase and over their useful lives. It was prepared in the UNE technical standardisation body CTN 172/SC 3 "Playground equipment", promoted by the sector and with the National Accreditation Body (ENAC).

UNE meeting: Standard UNE 172020 for the inspection of playground areas