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Experts highlight the key role of standards for compliance with the RED Directive


UNE has held the RED Directive Meeting, in which experts highlighted the key role of harmonised European standards for compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU relating to making radio equipment available on the market, also known as the "RED Directive."

During the event, attended by Public Administration experts and private entities, the main aspects, scope and essential safety requirements of this Directive were reviewed.

New aspects, such as cybersecurity in the RED Directive, were also addressed, and their connection with the proposed EU Universal Charger Directive for mobile phones and other compatible devices.

The Meeting was attended by experts from the State Secretariat for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructures of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and the Official Electrotechnics Laboratory (LCOE), as part of the Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Innovation (FFII).

Representatives from associations of manufacturers of electrical and electronic products affected by the application of the directive, AFME, APPLiA España and AMETIC were also present.

UNE meeting: Radio Equipment Directive (RED)