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UNE-EN ISO/ASTM 52907:2020

UNE-EN ISO/ASTM 52907:2020

Fabricación aditiva. Materias primas. Métodos para caracterizar polvos metálicos. (ISO/ASTM 52907:2019).

Additive manufacturing - Feedstock materials - Methods to characterize metal powders (ISO/ASTM 52907:2019)

Fabrication additive - Matières premières - Méthodes pour caractériser les poudres métalliques (ISO/ASTM 52907:2019)

Publication Date:
2020-10-28 /Vigente
International equivalences:

EN ISO/ASTM 52907:2019 (Identical)

ISO/ASTM 52907:2019 (Identical)

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