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UNE and MAPA sign an agreement to promote the UNE Risk Committee


The Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food have signed a new agreement to promote the work of the UNE Risk Committee (CTN 318), the main objective of which is to carry out standardisation work in irrigation elements and equipment nationwide and to communicate Spain's position in the global forums where the standards that impact on Spanish industry's ability to compete are developed.

This new agreement is added to previous agreements and strengthens the strategic alliance between MAPA and the Spanish standardisation body.

Under this agreement, MAPA will be the Committee's Secretary through the National Centre for Irrigation Technology (CENTER) and UNE will provide technical support for the project.

The Committee will also work to defend the interests of the national irrigation industry and submit national proposals to the international and European standardisation organisations ISO and CEN-CENELEC. The new collaboration agreement will be in force until 2025.

MAPA, which is a UNE member, wants standardisation work to be performed in the irrigation sector, as this will help to guarantee the quality of the materials produced and sold on the market and facilitate the commercial exchange of irrigation equipment.

The agreement was signed by Fernando Miranda, Secretary General of MAPA's Agriculture and Food division and Javier García, Managing Director of UNE.