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UNE welcomes 32 new members


A total of 32 new members have joined the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, in the past year. To welcome these new members, a welcome meeting was held to find out more about UNE, which will focus towards 2025 in response to the challenges faced by society and the needs of our members. The event was attended by the Chairman and Managing Director of UNE, Carlos Esteban and Javier García, respectively.

These leading entities, from a broad cross section of industries, have opted for UNE as a place from which to contribute to the competitiveness of companies and to the progress of society. Being a member of the Spanish standardisation body means belonging a network of multisectoral and international contacts, an exemplary case of public-private partnership.

The new members include major industry associations, as well as large companies, SMEs, universities, colleges, research centres, public administrations and private individuals.

UNE's membership distinguishes organisations with a superior strategic view of their value contribution to their sector and the Spanish economy as a whole.

With these new members, the Association has grown its membership base to over 500. UNE members are the real driving force and support of the standardisation system, representing virtually all of Spain's business and economic fabric.

All companies that wish to do so can join UNE: corporate (sector associations), members (companies and institutions) and individuals.

The entities that have recently been incorporated into UNE as members are:

  • Corporate Members: Unión Empresarial de la Madera y el Mueble de España (UNEMADERA), Federación Coordinadora de Telecomunicaciones (FECOTEL), Asociación de Empresas de Carretillas Elevadoras (AECE), Asociación Española de Tecnologías de Defensa Aeronáutica y Espacio (TEDAE), Asociación de Fabricantes e Importadores de Bienes de Equipo para la Automoción (AFIBA) and Confederación Nacional de Instaladores y Mantenedores (CNI).
  • Associate Institutional Members: Il.Lustre Col.Legi de L'advocacia de Barcelona (ICAB), Asociación Española de Compliance (ASCOM), Universidad de Málaga (UMA), Colegio Oficial de la Psicología de Las Palmas (COPLP), Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), Asociación Profesional de Peritos de Nuevas Tecnologías (PETEC), Universidad de Cádiz (UCA), Universidad de Vigo (Uvigo), Asociación de Profesionales de Cumplimiento Normativo (CUMPLEN), Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), World Compliance Association (WCA) Sociedad Española de Física Médica (SEFM) y Fundación ONCE para la cooperación e Inclusión Social de Personas con Discapacidad (Fundación ONCE). The following public administrations have also joined: The Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food (MAPA), the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA), the Ministry of Defence, the Autonomous Region of Murcia, the Madrid Autonomous Region (CAM) and the Autonomous City of Melilla.

  • Associate Company Members: Storequip Integral, Green Capital Power, Gasib Sociedad Ibérica de Gas Licuado (GASIB) and Mondragón Componentes S. Coop.

UNE also welcomed a new private member.