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UNE 178501: Management system for smart tourist destinations


​La UNE 178501 especifica los requisitos para establecer, implementar, mantener y mejorar un sistema de gestión de un Destino Turístico Inteligente que considere adecuadamente la gobernanza, la innovación, el uso de tecnologías, la accesibilidad universal y la sostenibilidad en dicho destino. This is a standard that can be applied to any type of tourist destination, regardless of its nature (vacational, urban, natural, etc.), size (municipal or supramunicipal), or type of Managing Body. Although it can be used independently, it can also be aligned or integrated with other management systems. In addition, in the eyes of a third party, this demonstrates compliance with the requirements included within it. This standard includes requirements regarding the context of the tourist destination, leadership and commitment, roles and responsibilities, actions for managing risks and opportunities, threat and opportunity mapping, planning to meet the objectives of the smart tourist destination, performance assessment, tourist and citizen satisfaction, or analysis and evaluation. Lastly, it includes informative annexes with the CTN 178 Smart Cities' list of projects and standards, the technical committee responsible for drafting the Standard UNE 178501, and information on innovation, technology, universal access, and sustainability.