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Organic farming

Organic farming


Along with the Ministry for Agriculture and Fishing, Food and the Environment, AENOR has helped create three new UNE standards in order to clarify and organise the market for agricultural products that can be used in organic farming.

These three new standards set the benchmark for manufacturers, importers, certification entities and farmers involved in organic crop production.

UNE 142500 defines the requirements that manufacturers of fertilizers, enhancers and substrates must comply with.

UNE 315500 aims to reach a consensus on how to clarify some of the regulatory vacuums that have emerged with regard to commercial preparations used to manage infestations and diseases in organic farming, such as the lack of any technical specifications for the marketed products.

UNE 66500 on the minimum requirements for the certification of inputs that can be used in organic crop production in accordance with the two above standards establishes the minimum requirements for personnel involved in the different stages of evaluating compliance as regards training and experience, as well as the certification procedure, among other areas.

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