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Standardisation Awards 2019

Academic Standardisation Awards


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, has extended the deadline to 7 October to submit applications for the 4th edition of the "UNE Prize for academic work related to standardisation."

The UNE Prize can be awarded to students from any Spanish university with masters' degrees, final degree work or essays related to standardisation.

This initiative was developed to encourage an interest in and knowledge of the importance of technical standards and standards in trade, legislation and the professional field among university students.

The award is also intended to make people aware of how important it is for organisations to engage in standardisation, as well as inspire creative ideas related to and endorsed by standards.

The contest is open to students from any Spanish university who have not won any awards in previous editions and consists of showing the role of standards in different areas of our lives in the following categories:

- Essay

- Final Degree Work (FDW)

- Final Master's Degree Work (FMDW)

Work may be presented that addresses standardisation from a broad point of view and its application in fields such as digital transformation, international trade, innovation, legislation or business management (quality, sustainability, safety, etc.), among others. Technical standards are documents available to all, with a common market consensus on the best ways to address key issues in the competitiveness of organisations.

The winners will be announced at web at UNE.