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New version UNE-EN Standard 301549

New version UNE-EN Standard 301549


Recently, the new version v.2.1.2 of UNE-EN Standard 301549 "Accessibility requirements for ICT products and services", on the accessibility of websites and mobile apps in the public sector, has been approved.

Among other improvements, requirements applicable to mobile apps have been specified; it also opens the possibility of improving accessibility by including an informative annex containing AAA success criteria.

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are an innovative and basic field in which to ensure the participation of people with disabilities; for this reason the standards support significant regulations such as the Web Accessibility Directive (WAD) and the European Accessibility Act. In addition, they are a strategic tool for increasing the range of people that use ITC products and services and improving the user experience.

This document, conjointly produced by CEN-CENELEC-ETSI JWG eAccessibility under the UNE secretariat, has been promoted by the European Commission.