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New version of the ISO 31000

New version of the ISO 31000


Attacks against reputation or brand, cyberattacks, political threats and terrorism are some of the risks that organisations public or private organisations of all sizes and sectors must face. The new, recently published, ISO 31000 version is aimed at helping to manage these uncertainties.

The international Risk Management technical committee ISO/TC 262, responsible for ISO Standard 31000 Risk Management. Principles and guidelines, has drawn up a simpler, easy-to-apply document where the text focuses on fundamental concepts of risk. So, the new standard emphasises the iterative nature of risk, maintaining and ensuring the multi-disciplinary application of its guidelines, taking the approach of risk management as a discipline for helping organisations to establish a strategy, achieve objectives and make informed decisions.

It also keeps focused on the fact that risk management is part of the governance of organisations and is key at all levels, whilst contributing to improving management systems.

ISO 31000 presents a high-level structure common to the most widely-used management documents in the world, such as ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment), as well as the upcoming ISO 45001 on management of Health and Safety in the Workplace.

More information in the attached AENOR Magazine article.

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