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New infant mattress safety standard

New infant mattress safety standard


The Spanish Association for Standardisation-UNE, has published the standard UNE-EN 16890 on children's furniture. Mattresses for cots and cribs. Safety requirements and testing methods for mattresses, mattresses-bases, and mattress toppers for use in cots, travel cots, moses baskets and rocking cribs, both for domestic and non-domestic use.

This standard considers the safety of children's mattresses from different perspectives; for example, "risk of asphyxiation and breathing difficulties due to ingestion", caused by the child tearing off plastic stickers or other waterproof films; for this reason, the standard incorporates testing to ensure that these elements do not present a risk of asphyxiation. Similarly, for "ignition risk", the standard states that mattresses for cots must be made of materials that do not burn when exposed directly to a flame or sparks. "Chemical risk" is also covered by this standard with the aim of limiting the migration of certain chemical elements from materials coating the sleeping surface that could have a harmful effect on the child if they put them into their mouth or chewed them.

Furthermore, special emphasis has been placed on "product marking, information and instructions for use", as it has been shown that some risks associated with mattresses are caused by misuse; therefore, product information is provided with the aim of preventing unsafe use of mattresses, such as, unsuitable size, stacking multiple mattresses, and situations that could lead to fires.

This standard has been developed within the framework of the UNE Technical Standardisation Committee on "Furniture", CTN 11.