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New International Standard for Customer Contact Centres


The new International Standard ISO 18295 has been presented during a seminar organised by the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE and the Spanish Association of Experts in Customer Relations (AEERC). This regulatory document has been added to the Spanish national catalogue of standards under the reference Standard UNE-EN ISO 18295:2018.

The standard specifies the service requirements for Customer Contact Centres (CCC), for both in-house and outsourced operators, and provides guidelines for best practices in customer interaction. Among other advantages, the Standard helps CCCs to align with benchmarks of service excellence and it provides a performance management program to increase service efficiency.

The Standard replaces the UNE-EN 15838:2010. The updated standard has a wider international reach and is now being implemented in several countries, which will result in greater market acceptance. In addition, the ISO Standard presents a clearer structure of the relationship between the three parties (client organisation, CCC and end customer).

It also improves client experience and satisfaction.