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UNE members are satisfied with the Association's activity


Members of the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, representing almost all Spanish economic sectors, participated in the first satisfaction survey conducted by the Association at the end of 2021. Members are the driving force and support of the standardisation system and it is therefore essential for UNE to understand their opinions.

Carried out in collaboration with the Centre for Testing, Innovation and Services (CEIS), the survey process is part of UNE's implementation of the Quality Management System defined in the UNE-EN ISO 9001 Standard.

One of the main conclusions of the survey is that the vast majority of UNE members recommend other organisations to join the Spanish standardisation body. UNE is composed of more than 500 members, including 150 national sectoral associations.

Most valued aspects

Among the more valued aspects, associates expressed a view that being a Member of the Spanish standardisation body improves the institutional perception of their organisation, and that they believe that UNE supports the interests of Spanish business through the development of standards.

Among UNE's tools for boosting the influence and leadership of its members, the most highly valued were the preferential conditions for participation in the Technical Standardisation Committees, discounts on the purchase of standards and training courses, and UNE's support for standardisation activity and promotion of the UNE brand.

As part of a process of continuous improvement, UNE is using the information gathered in this survey to further improve the service it provides to its members and to continue to boost the competitiveness of companies, the development of society and shared progress through dialogue and consensus.

More information on the benefits of UNE membership in the following link