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Economic recovery of the EU

Standards drive the EU's economic recovery


The latest Council of the European Union (EU) has underlined the essential role of standardisation in advancing the current economic recovery of Europe and in achieving a more competitive industry and an effective functioning of the EU single market.

These conclusions are contained in the document Una recuperación que haga avanzar en la transición hacia una industria europea más dinámica, resiliente y competitiva. In this report, EU member countries highlight the importance of an effective European standardisation system that supports the objectives of European technological leadership, primarily in the areas of ecological transition and digital transformation; two of the major challenges facing Europe.

They also insist on the role of harmonised standards as a "catalyst for competitiveness, innovation and consumer safety" and recognise the added value of standards, "which have proven to be very valuable during the COVID-19 crisis."

Furthermore, the European Council stresses the importance of both "goods and services available in the single market complying with European standards and regulations to guarantee the EU's competitiveness and fair competition and to improve the confidence of European consumers."

Finally, the Council urges the "European Commission to coordinate dialogue with all stakeholders to ensure a harmonisation of standards that underpin the full functioning of the single market and allow progress to be made towards the Union's objectives of action, particularly in sectors requiring innovative technologies and in areas of strategic importance. "