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Standardisation in the hydrogen sector

Standardisation in the hydrogen sector


​​A briefing session on CTN 181 "Technologies of hydrogen" was held recently at UNE's central offices and organised by AeH2 (Spanish Association for Hydrogen), in collaboration with the Directorate General for Industry and SMEs - Sub-Directorate General for Industrial Sectoral Policies of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

The session was held with the aim of raising the interest of entities in the hydrogen sector and similar sectors when it comes to participating in the CTN 181 and collaborating in standardisation activities. The existence of a technical committee for standardisation at a national level can help and drive the development of hydrogen technologies and those of the sector itself in Spain and internationally.

During the session, the importance of standardisation in regards to developing the national hydrogen sector was debated. In addition, the current situation of standardisation in Spain and internationally was presented, and the advantages gained by the entities participating in the standardisation, as well as the risks of not doing so, were highlighted.