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ISO 22000 in Spanish

ISO 22000 in Spanish


​The standard UNE-EN ISO 22000:2018 on food safety management systems sets out the requirements that define an organisation's ability to control risks associated with the production of food products, animal food, and products or services directly involved in the food supply chain, ensuring that they are safe for the final consumer. It can be implemented in any company in the sector, regardless of its size, activity or position. 

The standard is the result of the review of the previous version of 2005. This review has led to a series of improvements compared to the first edition, such as facilitating the system's integration with other ISO quality management standards (adopting the high-level structure, or HLS), including risks associated with the company's own organisation in risk management procedures, simplifying or clarifying a series of requirements that were established previously, and adding two Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycles that will allow for a joint self-assessment of the company's system and its Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan. All these improvements will help the sector to tackle the new challenges in the field of food safety.

The review of the document has been carried out by experts from more than 30 countries. Furthermore, the translation of the standard into Spanish has involved representatives of national standardisation bodies and of the corporate sector from a total of 15 Spanish-speaking countries, thus achieving consensus on terms and processes at an international level.