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A UNE Forum on Renewable Energies in Electricity formed


​Within the framework of the UNE 2025 Strategic Plan, and in response to its objective "To support the ecological and energy transition with standardisation and international cooperation activities to provide solutions in these areas", one of the actions foreseen in the UNE Management Plan for 2022 has been materialised.

This consists of the "elaboration of an action plan for Renewable Energy in electricity generation: Definition of common lines of action in standardisation and conformity assessment relevant to all renewable energies". The creation of this group also supports one of the axes of the European Standardisation Strategy: "Taking advantage of the European standardisation system to achieve an ecological and digital transition and support the resilience of the single market. "

At the foundational meeting, held on 15 November 2022 both in person and online, the Terms of Reference were presented and approved, with a modification in its title and its object and scope of application. 

The initial composition of the Forum was also reviewed and priority lines of action were discussed and agreed to, including the preparation of a report on standardisation and public policies on renewable energies. This document will serve as the basis for the dissemination of the group's activity and to give greater visibility to the value of the standards developed in the standardisation committees involved.

 Another planned action is the monitoring and sharing of responses to potential public consultations, which will be discussed and agreed within the Forum. Finally, the identification of periodic events where this Forum and its actions can be disseminated has been considered.

UNE member associations with relevance in this field and representatives of the Administration were among participants.

The Forum will hold two annual meetings, with the next to take place during the first half of 2023.