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Meeting of the Electrotechnical Advisory Committee


The Electrotechnical Advisory Committee (EAC) of the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, held its first meeting of 2022 today.

The members of the EAC had the opportunity to converse and exchange opinions with the President-elect, Jo Cops. Topics of interest for the industry were discussed, such as the EAC Strategy for the coming years, the importance of digital transformation for standardisation, the relationship with ISO, the search for synergies between standardisation committees and conformity assessment systems and the actions required to strengthen diversity and involve new generations in international standardisation.

The Committee also addressed other national issues, such as joint public-private collaboration to detect cases of non-compliance in the field of electrical and telecommunications products and the activities carried out by the UNE Market Surveillance Observatory.

European matters were also dealt with, including the new EU Strategy on Standardisation, which reinforces the key role of technical standards, new developments in the assessment system of harmonised standards and the EC consultation on the New European Legislative Framework.  

It was a profitable meeting, held for the first time in hybrid format, and successfully combined virtual and face-to-face formats.