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Support of standards for the cosmetics sector

New UNE report: how standards support the cosmetics sector


The Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE, in collaboration with STANPA (National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics), has published the report Standards in support of the cosmetics sector, with the aim of helping companies in the cosmetics sector overcome major challenges in areas such as exports, sustainability or innovation through technical norms or standards.

The report outlines the numerous UNE technical standardization bodies that drive the competitiveness of the Spanish cosmetics sector. For example, the Technical Committee for Standardisation CTN 84 Essential oils and cosmetic products, secretariat of STANPA, develops standards for essential oils (extracts and odoriferous substances) and cosmetic products.

Close to 60 experts from organizations participate in CTN 84, representing sectoral associations and federations, public and private laboratories, companies, universities, general administration or technology centres. Currently, it has some 325 standards in force, 300 of which are purely national and the rest adopting European or international standards.

Industry companies have committed to standardization as a strategic pillar of growth. STANPA has been a member of UNE since 1988 and leads the development of key standards for its partners. Spain is an international leader in standardisation.

For example, STANPA has led the harmonisation of global criteria for natural products through the development of the standard ISO 16128, a pioneering standard for companies that provides them with guidelines for claims of "natural" or "organic" in cosmetic ingredients and products. 

Press release​​​​
Press release​​​​