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CTN 165 - Ethics, governance and social responsibility

Field of Activity:
Standardization on ethics, governance and social responsibility of organizations and professional activities as tools for development management. It includes: - Compliance management - Ethical and values management; - Professional ethic codes; - Bioethics; - Socially responsible financial instruments .

SC 1 Governance and whistleblowing

SC 2 Ethics and social responsibility

SC 3 Compliance and anti-corruption management systems

SC 4 Tax compliance

SC 5 Public procurement

SC 6 Compliance en materia de competencia

SC 7 Labor compliance

GT 7 Sustainability in event management

GT 8 Protección frente la violencia contra menores y personas en situación de vulnerabilidad

GT 9 Tolerance in non-university educational centers

International Relations:

ISO/TC 309  Governance of organizations

CEN/SS S29  Social responsibility

CEN/TC 461  Public Procurement

CEN/WS FSR  Future of Social Responsibility

Standards developed by the committee: CTN 165: 21

UNE 19603:2023

Status: VIGENTE / 2023-11-22

Management system for competence compliance Requirements with guidance for use.

UNE 19604:2023

Status: VIGENTE / 2023-07-26

Management system for socio-labor compliance. Requirements with guidance for use.

UNE-EN 17687:2023

Status: VIGENTE / 2023-02-22

Public procurement - Integrity and accountability - Requirements and guidance

UNE-ISO 37001:2017

Status: VIGENTE / 2022-10-14

Anti-bribery management systems. Requirements with guidance for use.


Status: VIGENTE / 2022-04-13

Management system for the protection against violence in organizations tin the fields of social action, education, sports, leisure or free time that work with minors or people in situation of vulnerability Requirements with guidance for use.

UNE-ISO 37000:2022

Status: VIGENTE / 2022-02-02

Guidance for the governance of organizations

UNE-ISO 37002:2021

Status: VIGENTE / 2021-10-20

Whistleblowing management systems — Guidelines

UNE-ISO 37301:2021

Status: VIGENTE / 2021-05-31

Compliance management systems — Requirements with guidance for use.


Status: VIGENTE / 2021-05-12

Management system for the tolerance in non-university educational centres. Requirements with guidance for use.

UNE-EN ISO 26000:2021

Status: VIGENTE / 2021-03-03

Guidance on social responsibility (ISO 26000:2010)

UNE 19602:2019

Status: VIGENTE / 2019-02-27

Tax compliance management systems. Requirements and guidance.

UNE 165019:2018

Status: VIGENTE / 2018-10-17

Management systems for criminal compliance. Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems of criminal compliance in accordance with UNE Standard 19601.

UNE 19601:2017

Status: CURRENT/2017-05-17

Management system for criminal compliance. Requirements with guidance for use.

UNE 165002:2014

Status: VIGENTE / 2014-03-26

Social Responsibility. Social Responsibility and childhood. Guidance on good practices for the organizations.

UNE-ISO 20121:2013

Status: VIGENTE / 2013-03-20

Event sustainability management systems. Requirements with guidance for use.

UNE 165001:2012

Status: VIGENTE / 2012-06-27

Social responsibility. Socially responsible financial products. Requirements for investment products

UNE 165010:2009 EX

Status: VIGENTE / 2009-04-22

Ethics. Companies Social Responsibility management system.

UNE 165011:2005 EX

Status: VIGENTE / 2005-06-01

Ethics. NOGs management system

UNE-ISO 19600:2015

Status: ANULADA / 2021-05-31

Compliance management systems. Guidelines.

UNE-ISO 26000:2012

Status: ANULADA / 2021-03-03

Guidance on social responsibility