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Field of Activity:
Standardization of:

Issues related with systems and devices for the production, storage, transport and distribution, measuring and utilization of hydrogen in the field of:

- Specification of hydrogen;

- Hydrogen production installations and their associated components;

- Hydrogen storage installations and their associated components;

- Hydrogen transport installations and their associated components;

- Installations and hydrogen apparatus using hydrogen and their associated components;

- Hydrogen fuelling facilities;

- Personnel qualification that participates in the construction, operation, maintenance and inspection of production, storage, transport, fuelling and hydrogen utilization facilities;

- Hydrogen measuring.


All products and applications related with hydrogen under the scope of other UNE technical committees.
International Relations:

CEN/TC 268/WG 5  Specific hydrogen technologies applications

CEN/CLC/JTC 6  Hydrogen in energy systems

ISO/TC 197  Hydrogen technologies

Standards developed by the committee: CTN 181: 9

UNE-ISO 16110-1:2015

Status: IN FORCE   /   2019-07-01

Hydrogen generators using fuel processing technologies -- Part 1: Safety

UNE 181001:2010

Status: IN FORCE   /   2019-07-01

Hydrogen technologies. Terminology.

UNE-EN 17127:2018 (Ratificada)

Status: IN FORCE   /   2018-12-01

Outdoor hydrogen refuelling points dispensing gaseous hydrogen and incorporating filling protocols (Endorsed by Asociación Española de Normalización in December of 2018.)

UNE-EN 17124:2018 (Ratificada)

Status: IN FORCE   /   2018-11-01

Hydrogen fuel - Product specification and quality assurance - Proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell applications for road vehicles (Endorsed by Asociación Española de Normalización in November of 2018.)

UNE-EN ISO 17268:2017

Status: IN FORCE   /   2017-07-12

Gaseous hydrogen land vehicle refuelling connection devices (ISO 17268:2012)

UNE-ISO/TS 20100:2013

Status: CANCELLED   /   2019-12-19

Gaseous hydrogen. Fuelling stations.

UNE-ISO 14687:2006

Status: CANCELLED   /   2019-12-05

Hydrogen fuel. Product specification (ISO 14687:1999 + ISO 14687:1999/Cor. 1:2001)

UNE-ISO 22734-1:2012

Status: CANCELLED   /   2019-11-28

Hydrogen generators using water electrolysis process. Part 1: Industrial and commercial applications

UNE-ISO/TR 15916:2007 IN

Status: CANCELLED   /   2019-07-25

Basic considerations for the safety of hydrogen systems. (ISO/TR 15916:2004)