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MADIGEP - Honduras

MADIGEP - Honduras



  Update and support for the operational implementation of the system

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Country: Honduras​
  • Proyecto: MADIGEP (support measures for institutional development and management of public policies)
  • Estimated to start: Abril 2017​​
  • ​Duration: 120 events
  • Category: Senior products
  • Experiencia Mínima: 10 years
  • ​​​​​​​​Misión: Actualización y Ap​oyo a la Implementación Operativa del Sistema Nacional de Monitoreo y Evaluación de Honduras​​​​​​​​


Strengthening and consolidating the institutionalisation of the National Monitoring and Assessment System for the National Planning System, as a building block for the Results-based Management model that being implemented by the SCGG, as parts of its 2017-2020 Institutional Strategic Plan.


  • Having an up-to-date version of the National Monitoring and Assessment System for the National Planning System, which includes the coordination of the strategic planning processes, monitoring, validation and assessment.
  • Having a proposal for the reviews and updates that should be carried out on the platform of the Presidential System of Results-based Management to support monitoring, validation and assessment processes.
  • Supporting the operational implementation of the processes and adaptations deriving from the update to the National Monitoring and Assessment System.
  • Strengthening the work of the Public Administration to fulfil the strategic targets of the National Planning System, through an institutional and regulatory framework for the ongoing monitoring of results and products, generating useful information to make any necessary corrective decisions.

Profile of the expert

​​​Profesional graduado en ciencias políticas, económicas, sociales, preferiblemente con formación a nivel de postgrado o estudios especializados en los temas de la consultoría.

General professional experience

  • General experience of at least 10 years in the public sector, notably in monitoring, follow-up and assessment systems (logical framework, managerial information system, other)
  • Experiencia al menos cinco (5) años en procesos de monitoreo, seguimiento y evaluación de políticas, programas y proyectos.​
  • International experience in the assessment of results-based management systems in government institutions (desirable).

Duration and workplace

​Se estima que para realizar las actividades de la consultoría se requerirán 120 días consultor, distribuidos en ocho meses calendario. The consultancy will be mainly carried out in Tegucigalpa, and some work days at the address of the consultant may accepted in the work schedule.

Methodology / Other relevant information
​​La consultoría se desarrollará bajo la coordinación de la Dirección Presidencial de Gestión por Resultados (DPGPR) de la Secretaría de Coordinación General de Gobierno (SCGG).

The consultant must work achieving full integration with the corresponding teams at the DPGPR, and promoting extensive discussions and consensus for each of the products received.

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