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ADESEP - El Salvador

ADESEP - El Salvador

Development of a regional strategy for the internationalisation of MSMEs

  ​Desarrollo de una estrategia regional para la internacionalización de la MIPYME​

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Country: El Salvador (Regional)​
  • Proyecto: ADESEP (private sector development support)
  • Estimated to start: Mayo 2017​
  • ​Duration: 30 events
  • Category: Senior products
  • Experiencia Mínima: 15 years
  • ​​​​​​​​Misión: Desarrollo de una estrategia regional para la internacionalización de la MIPYME​​​​​​

The general aim of ADESEP is to foment entrepreneurship and to improve the competitiveness of the private sector (in particular for MSMEs) of Central America within the framework of regional and international trade.

Specific objectives

  • To contribute to an improved business climate in Central America.
  • To stimulate the good use of the advantages and opportunities for MSMEs deriving from applying the Association Agreement (AA) between the European Union and Central America.

Results that are expected therefrom

  • Improved competitiveness and internationalisation of Central American MSMEs.
  • Fomented entrepreneurship on a regional level.
  • Strengthened regional institutional framework for MSME development, both on a public and private level.

Profile of the expert

The consultant must be knowledgeable and demonstrate experience qualifying her or him to carry out the task. Specifically:

  • The person to take charge of the study should have an academic degree in Economics or Marketing, or a postgraduate in economics or similar disciplines (e.g. MBA) gained from a university study. Relevant and demonstrable experience with results in international marketing will be equivalent to the required qualification.
  • Postgraduate studies in international trade will be considered positively.
  • Minimum professional experience of 15 years.
  • At least 5 years of specific experience in the development or promotion of international trade.
  • Demonstrable experience in export consortia or other collaboration mechanisms the internationalisation will be considered positively.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the difficulties faced by MSMEs in the SICA-region countries, as regards the export of their products or services.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of the state of affairs of the SICA region, specifically with regard to the strategic approach of countries as regards the internationalisation of their companies.
  • Fluent in Spanish.

Duration and workplace

The task must begin on 7 May 2017 with the incorporation of the expert. The programme will confirm the mobilisation approximately two weeks in advance.

It is deemed that the term of execution of this study should be 30 working days. In the event that it is necessary to offer an alternative proposal, it must be given before the beginning of the assignment.

To be carried out in San Salvador (El Salvador).

In the event it is necessary to carry out enquiries in the SICA-region countries, visits will be decided and programmed after the briefing.


Methodology / Other relevant information

​​Si estas interesado y cumples los requisitos, por favor haznos llegar tu CV en formato EUROPEAID ajustado an esta misión.

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