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Introducing the new mark of Spanish standardisation.

Introducing the new mark of Spanish standardisation.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Introducing our new value proposition "UNE. Shared Progress," which aims to unite collective efforts to help society overcome its major challenges through standards, in a world undergoing total economic, social and environmental transformation.

This change in the UNE mark has led to a new visual identity that is more contemporary, relevant and global, reflecting our new purpose and values.

One of the elements that sets the new logo apart is the graphic symbol of dialogue that makes up the U. As the backbone of the graphic expression, this "globe" makes the UNE brand synonymous with consensus and binding and dynamic dialogue.

The new UNE logo​

There is a main logo (in horizontal format and with the phrase "Normalización Española") which should be used whenever possible. 

It is also available in a vertical format without the phrase, both in vector and png files.

If you need to use another format, request it from

Main version

​​ Main version of the UNE Mark 

Main version

​ ​ Other versions and formats


​From 24 November 2022.

There is a main ​logo (in horizontal format with the phrase "Normalización Española"), which you must use whenever possible.

If for any space reason you need to use another of the formats provided, please contact us to help you select the best option. Also if you require the logo in print quality, please request it from

Here are some examples of incorrect uses of the UNE logo.


We must also avoid confusing the UNE logo with any type of certification activity or quality mark. For this reason, it should not be used on products or services. The following figures show examples of unauthorised uses of the UNE logo. 

Other situations in which the UNE logo should not be used include its use in writing or positioning documents (without express written agreement from UNE) or at events in which the Association is not a participant, sponsor or collaborator. If you have any queries, please consult​.

​No, the entity is still called the Spanish Association for Standardization, UNE.

​Yes, until stocks run out. If you are going to produce new material, the new logo must be used. Request it from​.

​No, the UNE logo can only be used in Spanish, without translating into other languages.

​Do you have any questions?

​Contact us by email comunicacion@une.​org​​​.