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Last issue of the AENOR magazine


?? ??????The latest edition of the UNE magazine is out now:

  • ?Improve emergency and crisis management through standardization. ?The UNE is taking part in the STRATEGY project, which promotes a pre-normative European framework to standardize new ways of improving interoperability and an effective response to disasters and catastrophes, as well as of increasing the resilience of the European Union.
  • ? Spain,leader in accessibility standards. Over 200 entities are participating through more than 350 experts in the 20 UNE technical standardization committees specific to accessibility. They represent every sector of society and focus on the end user.
  • Contribution of standards to the circular economy.??UNE committees on furniture; gaseous fuels and gas devices and installations; concrete, and hotels and tourist apartments are among those that participated in the study of the contribution of technical standards to the circular economy.?
  • Pillars of work that define CTN 109.??The activity of the UNE Committee on the safe storage, handling and processing of chemical products is designed to contribute to society. This is why its working principles are based on the experience and knowledge that its members contribute, as well as on the practicality and clarity of the standards they develop.
  • UNE Telecommunications Committee.??CTN 133 is responsible for the standardization of technologies, equipment, products, infrastructures, networks, media, services and other aspects in the field of telecommunications.

In addition:

You can read the digital edition of the magazine on any device and searching for articles is simple, plus, you can use it to share them on social media using #RevistaUNE.?