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First Easy Reading Global Standard


Just published is UNE Experimental standard 153101EX: Easy reading. Guidelines and recommendations for drawing up documents, the first global standard in this matter.

This regulatory document specifies the requirements and recommendations for the adaptation, creation and validation of Easy Reading documents, and aims to guarantee the understanding of texts written by anyone. This benefits the whole of society, and not only people with reading comprehension difficulties (derived from intellectual or hearing disability, mental or language disorder, brain damage, ageing process, low level of literacy or lack of knowledge of the language, among others).

Easy Reading is part of a global strategy which aims to facilitate accessibility, removing barriers in the understanding, interaction and use of products and services in different environments, thereby guaranteeing universal accessibility, design for all and equal opportunities.

This Standard has been prepared in the Working Group CTN 153/GT1 Easy Reading within the Standardisation Technical Committee 153 of the Spanish Association for Standardisation, UNE. Companies and experts from different disciplines have participated in its preparation, unifying criteria and recommendations which are the result of the work experience in each of their different professional fields. The Group is presided over by the CEAPAT (Centro de Referencia Estatal de Autonomía Personal y Ayudas Técnicas - State Reference Centre for Personal Autonomy and Technical Aid), while the Fundación ONCE manages the vice-presidency.

The UNE catalogue currently lists 140 standards which establish accessibility requirements in numerous fields.

Spain is an international benchmark in accessibility; the future international ISO standard on accessible tourism for everyone is being led by Fundación ONCE and the OMT, while UNE manages the secretariat.