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CTN 148 - Digital geographic information

Field of Activity:
Standardization of:

The field of digital geographic information. This work aims to establish a structured set of standards, which specifies methods to define, describe and transfer representations of the real world. This makes easier the comprehension and use of the information in the real world referred to the Earth, through coordinates, textual descriptions and codified names.

The intention is to make easier the use, on a wide sense, concerning among others: acquisition, storage, checking, integration, process, analysis, prevention, management and update of digital geographic information, referred to locations relative to the Earth through information technologies. This standardization work will influence and will be influenced by develops within the information technologies.
International Relations:

ISO/TC 211  Geographic information/Geomatics

CEN/TC 287  Geographic Information

Standards developed by the committee: TSC 148: 89

UNE-EN ISO 19115-1:2014/A1:2018

Status: VIGENTE2018-05-16

Geographic information - Metadata - Part 1: Fundamentals - Amendment 1 (ISO 19115-1:2014/Amd 1:2018)

UNE-EN ISO 19157:2014/A1:2018

Status: VIGENTE2018-03-28

Geographic information - Data quality - Amendment 1: Describing data quality using coverages (ISO 19157:2013/Amd 1:2018)

UNE 148004:2018

Status: VIGENTE2018-02-07

Geographic Information - Open geographic data

UNE-EN ISO 19110:2017

Status: VIGENTE2017-11-02

Geographic information - Methodology for feature cataloguing (ISO 19110:2016)

UNE-EN ISO 19109:2016

Status: VIGENTE2016-10-05

Geographic information - Rules for application schema (ISO 19109:2015)

UNE-EN ISO 19119:2016

Status: VIGENTE2016-10-05

Geographic information - Services (ISO 19119:2016)

UNE-EN ISO 19135-1:2016

Status: VIGENTE2016-02-24

Geographic information - Procedures for item registration - Part 1: Fundamentals (ISO 19135-1:2015)

UNE-EN ISO 19101-1:2015

Status: VIGENTE2015-05-13

Geographic information - Reference model - Part 1: Fundamentals (ISO 19101-1:2014)

UNE-EN ISO 19115-1:2014

Status: VIGENTE2014-12-23

Geographic information - Metadata - Part 1: Fundamentals (ISO 19115-1:2014)

UNE-EN ISO 19117:2014

Status: VIGENTE2014-10-29

Geographic information - Portrayal (ISO 19117:2012)

UNE-EN ISO 19157:2014

Status: VIGENTE2014-09-03

Geographic information - Data quality (ISO 19157:2013)

UNE-EN ISO 19156:2014

Status: VIGENTE2014-04-09

Geographic information - Observations and measurements (ISO 19156:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 19152:2013

Status: VIGENTE2013-09-25

Geographic information - Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) (ISO 19152:2012)

UNE-EN ISO 19143:2012

Status: VIGENTE2012-12-26

Geographic information - Filter encoding (ISO 19143:2010)

UNE-EN ISO 19144-1:2012/AC:2012 (Ratificada)

Status: VIGENTE2012-09-01

Geographic information - Classification systems - Part 1: Classification system structure - Technical Corrigendum 1 (ISO 19144-1:2009/Cor 1:2012) (Endorsed by AENOR in September of 2012.)

UNE-EN ISO 19144-1:2012 (Ratificada)

Status: VIGENTE2012-08-01

Geographic information - Classification systems - Part 1: Classification system structure (ISO 19144-1:2009) (Endorsed by AENOR in August of 2012.)

UNE-EN ISO 19118:2012

Status: VIGENTE2012-04-25

Geographic information - Encoding (ISO 19118:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 19142:2012

Status: VIGENTE2012-01-11

Geographic information - Web Feature Service (ISO 19142:2010)

UNE-EN ISO 19131:2009/A1:2011

Status: VIGENTE2011-11-29

Geographic information - Data product specifications - Amendment 1: Requirements relating to the inclusion of an application schema and feature catalogue and the treatment of coverages in an application schema (ISO 19131:2007/Amd 1:2011)

UNE-EN ISO 19141:2011

Status: VIGENTE2011-02-02

Geographic information - Schema for moving features (ISO 19141:2008)