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CTN 148 - Digital geographic information

Field of Activity:
Standardization of:

The field of digital geographic information. This work aims to establish a structured set of standards, which specifies methods to define, describe and transfer representations of the real world. This makes easier the comprehension and use of the information in the real world referred to the Earth, through coordinates, textual descriptions and codified names.

The intention is to make easier the use, on a wide sense, concerning among others: acquisition, storage, checking, integration, process, analysis, prevention, management and update of digital geographic information, referred to locations relative to the Earth through information technologies. This standardization work will influence and will be influenced by develops within the information technologies.
International Relations:

ISO/TC 211  Geographic information/Geomatics

CEN/TC 287  Geographic Information

Standards developed by the committee: TSC 148: 89

UNE-EN ISO 19105:2023

Status: VIGENTE2023-02-22

Geographic information - Conformance and testing (ISO 19105:2022)

UNE-EN ISO 19115-2:2019/A1:2022

Status: VIGENTE2022-06-29

Geographic information - Metadata - Part 2: Extensions for acquisition and processing - Amendment 1 (ISO 19115-2:2019/Amd 1:2022)

UNE-EN ISO 19111:2020/A1:2022

Status: VIGENTE2022-04-20

Geographic information - Referencing by coordinates - Amendment 1 (ISO 19111:2019/Amd 1:2021)

UNE-EN ISO 19126:2022

Status: VIGENTE2022-03-30

Geographic information - Feature concept dictionaries and registers (ISO 19126:2021)

UNE-EN ISO 19116:2020/A1:2022

Status: VIGENTE2022-02-23

Geographic information - Positioning services - Amendment 1 (ISO 19116:2019/Amd 1:2021)

UNE-EN ISO 19168-1:2022

Status: VIGENTE2022-02-16

Geographic information - Geospatial API for features - Part 1: Core (ISO 19168-1:2020)

UNE 148002:2016

Status: VIGENTE2022-01-25

Methodology for positional accuracy assessment of geographic information

UNE 148005:2021 IN

Status: VIGENTE2021-10-13

Geographic Information: Positional Accuracy Assessment Guide

UNE-EN ISO 19148:2021

Status: VIGENTE2021-10-13

Geographic information - Linear referencing (ISO 19148:2021)

UNE-EN ISO 19115-1:2014/A2:2021

Status: VIGENTE2021-09-15

Geographic information - Metadata - Part 1: Fundamentals - Amendment 2 (ISO 19115-1:2014/Amd 2:2020)

UNE-EN ISO 19135-1:2016/A1:2021

Status: VIGENTE2021-06-16

Geographic information - Procedures for item registration - Part 1: Fundamentals - Amendment 1 (ISO 19135-1:2015/Amd 1:2021)

UNE-EN ISO 19111:2020

Status: VIGENTE2020-10-07

Geographic information - Referencing by coordinates (ISO 19111:2019)

UNE-EN ISO 19116:2020

Status: VIGENTE2020-09-09

Geographic information - Positioning services (ISO 19116:2019)

UNE-EN ISO 19136-1:2020 (Ratificada)

Status: VIGENTE2020-06-01

Geographic information - Geography Markup Language (GML) - Part 1: Fundamentals (ISO 19136-1:2020) (Endorsed by Asociación Española de Normalización in June of 2020.)

UNE-EN ISO 19107:2019 (Ratificada)

Status: VIGENTE2020-02-01

Geographic information - Spatial schema (ISO 19107:2019) (Endorsed by Asociación Española de Normalización in February of 2020.)

UNE-EN ISO 19112:2019

Status: VIGENTE2019-11-27

Geographic information - Spatial referencing by geographic identifiers (ISO 19112:2019)

UNE-EN ISO 19115-2:2019

Status: VIGENTE2019-11-20

Geographic information - Metadata - Part 2: Extensions for acquisition and processing (ISO 19115-2:2019)

UNE-CEN ISO/TS 19139-1:2019 (Ratificada)

Status: VIGENTE2019-05-01

Geographic information - XML schema implementation - Part 1: Encoding rules (ISO/TS 19139-1:2019) (Endorsed by Asociación Española de Normalización in May of 2019.)

UNE-EN ISO 19146:2019

Status: VIGENTE2019-02-06

Geographic information - Cross-domain vocabularies (ISO 19146:2018)

UNE-EN ISO 19136-2:2018 (Ratificada)

Status: VIGENTE2018-11-01

Geographic information - Geography Markup Language (GML) - Part 2: Extended schemas and encoding rules (ISO 19136-2:2015) (Endorsed by Asociación Española de Normalización in November of 2018.)